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Undergraduate Degrees

B.Ed. in Educational Administration


The B.Ed degree in Educational Administration is a professional degree programme that is intended for senior practitioners in the field of education. The degree will be awarded to persons who have satisfactorily completed the prescribed programme of study.

Entry Requirements

To qualify for entry into the programme, candidates should be practicing senior teachers who have administrative responsibilities in their school, and who are holders of the UWI Certificate in Education and normally teacher-training certification, or its equivalent. They will therefore be considered to have completed Level I of this programme and to have accumulated at least 30 credits. Candidates will be exempted from Level I and their entry into the programme will constitute entry to Level 2.

While the Certificate in Education or its equivalent is a normal requirement, the Faculty reserves the right to consider applicants who may not fulfil this requirement.

Programme Requirements

Students will need to earn at least 66 – credits from the Faculty of Humanities and Education courses, as well as from Cross-Faculty courses, in order to be eligible for the award of the degree.


For some courses there are pre-requisites, which must be passed before registration for such courses is permitted.

Programme Structure

Type of Course Number of courses Total Credits
A. Core Education courses 3 9
B. Specialisation courses 10 30
C. Out of School courses* 4 12
D. University Foundation courses 2 6
E. Fieldwork/Practicum 1 3
F. Study 16  

* Out of school courses refer to courses offered outside of the School of Education, i.e. courses in other faculties or other departments within the Faculty of Humanities and Education.

Course of Study

To get a list of courses by semseter and level click here.


Assessment is conducted by way of coursework, in-course tests and final examinations.


A student will be required to withdraw from the Faculty unless he or she has gained at least:
  • 6 credits by the end of semester 2
  • 12 credits by the end of semester 4
  • 21 credits by the end of semester 6
  • 30 credits by the end of semester 8
  • 42 credits by the end of semester 10