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Administration (Antigua & Barbuda)







268462-1355 / 268 562-3036

Strategicleadership and management ofthe day-to- dayactivities ofUWIOC Antigua & Barbuda

Dr. Schuyler K Esprit


268462-1355 / 268 562-3036

Managementofpre-university, undergraduate and post-graduate programmes/courses, the Sir Luther Wynter Pre-school affairs, orientation and alumni relations, student guidance and counselling

Miss Fayola Edwards

Senior Administrative Assistant
268462-1355 / 268 562-3036

Managementofadministrative, financial and day-to-day office management functions, student guidance and counselling

Mrs. Afeefah Beharry

268462-1355 / 268 562-3036

Administrationofnon-computerized student and Instructor records, telephone and e-mail functions, Associate Degree student matters, stakeholder matters, customer service functions

Mr. James Jonas

Office Attendant
268462-1355 / 268 562-3036

Serves as dual messenger and technician with responsibility for computer and equipment related issues.

Miss Jasentha James

Library Assistant
268462-1355 / 268 562-3036  

Responsible for executing basic Librarian tasks

  Ms. Jessica Brown

Clerical Assistant 2
268-462-1355 ext 36808

Responsible for:-
Preparing, processing and dispatching Purchase Orders, Application Forms
Preparing, printing, collating and dispatching question papers, time-tables and reports
Monitoring and answering the telephone
Maintaining the office supplies
Maintaining a filing system of all documents

Miss Yvonne Farrell

268462-1355 / 268 562-3036

Responsible for Maintenance and

Ancillary Services of the Site