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About Us (Antigua & Barbuda)


About the Site

The University of the West Indies Open Campus (UWIOC), the fourth campus of the Anglophone    Caribbean’s premier university, was specifically crafted to better respond to the need for    available, accessible, affordable and applicable tertiary educational services to the      traditionally underserved UWI-twelve Anglophone contributing countries.

The University of the West Indies Open Campus Antigua & Barbuda (UWIOC Antigua and Barbuda) valiantly endeavours to fulfil the mandate specified in the mission of the university as articulated in the 2012 -2017 strategic plan: “To advance education and create knowledge through excellence in teaching, research, innovation, public service, intellectual leadership and outreach in order to support the inclusive (social, economic, political, cultural, environmental) development of the Caribbean region and beyond.”

UWIOC Antigua and Barbuda is alwayseager to present a veritable potpourri of academic, entertaining, informational and learning presentations to our students, alumni, supporters and friends of the UWI residing in or visiting Antigua and Barbuda. The traditional university restricted itself mainly to a close circle of professors and students from the upper strata of society who lived in the proverbial ivory tower of elitism.  Indeed, the traditional functions of universities have been teaching and research but increasingly, they have transcended the traditional focus to include the need for raising the bar in the realm of public discussions ostensibly for enlightenment and enrichment of the discourse. The mechanisms for the foregoing include country conferences and public lectures. UWIOC Antigua and Barbuda regards this as a public good which alumni, supporters and friends of the University of the West Indies are welcome to help us perpetuate through collaborative partnerships. We publicly solicit the buy-in of enthusiasts and sponsors to partner with us in contemplating and promoting innovative ways of creating and sustaining a university culture in Antigua & Barbuda.

Within the draft action plans of the University’s strategy are commitments to “Enhance service to the community” and “Strengthen the national engagement processes to increase the UWI's impact/influence on national policy making.” UWIOC Antigua and Barbuda is committed to nurturing critical and creative thinkers, problem solvers, a knowledgeable and informed society and an ethical and entrepreneurial community of lifelong learners. We seek to elevate the arguments of the strongly opinionated pundit to that of the empirically verifiable and peer reviewed sage.  

The Open Campus tonight is pioneering another form of public engagement to raise the bar on national conversations. We are actively trying to focus on finding ways to listen to people and to involve them in ‘two-way’ collaborative exchanges in conformity with the University’s strategy for public engagement which seeks to:

  Stimulate a wider understanding of Higher Education by exciting the public about current issues.
  Enable researchers to have effective engagement with the public, and to confront real societal experiences.
  Encourage the development of informed global citizens and professionals.
  Engage in the generation of new ideas in collaboration with external partners.
  Create a forum for academics, students and the public to be exposed to and to share diverse and divergent perspectives.

UWIOC Antigua and Barbuda’s commitment is to the provision of forums for instruction, discussion,erudition, assimilation and socialization (IDEAS) that would ultimately facilitate collective and informed decision-making at a time when one observes that discourse is fleeting [but junk mail is prevailing.